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This is where we give you samples of audio and video recordings of TITAN banjos being played.

Left click on an underlined link below to begin a download.  It may take several minutes to download a video clip in MPEG-2 format but should provide Dolby Digital 5.1 sound quality.  For a quicker video clip download use the MPEG-1 version which provides a smaller image and stereo sound.  The quickest download is the MP3 format which provides a stereo audio-only clip.

If you need to keep a copy of a recording, so that you don't need to download it each time, right click on an underlined link below, select "Save target as . . ." then specify where you want to keep the copy on your computer.

The recordings were made using a hand-held domestic camcorder mainly at outside events where extraneous noise couldn't be avoided.


TITAN banjo being played by Jim Allen at the Didmarton Open-Air Festival, Kemble in August/September 2008.
      MPEG-2 video MPEG-1 video MP3 audio


Jim Allen is playing, frailing-style, an open-backed Jupiter model, and comments  ". . .  great sound across the whole range  . . ." 51.5MB 13.5MB 1.4MB


Paul Bianek is here appraising our Titan banjos at the Didmarton Open-Air Festival, Kemble in August/September 2008.  The Titan banjo model being played open-backed by Paul is a Jupiter with a Titanium Tubaphone tone ring.
      MPEG-2 video MPEG-1 video MP3 audio
1 Paul Bianek is here getting to grips with the Jupiter. 59.2MB 15.5MB 1.5MB
2 This is one of Paul's own arrangements. 48.8MB 12.8MB 1.3MB
3 Paul plays, then describes the Titan banjo as "very nice". 35.5MB 9.3MB 0.9MB
4 Another of Paul's test pieces. 23.6MB 6.2MB 0.6MB


During his visit to the UK in October 2008, Tony Ellis took time out to appraise our Titan banjos.

      MPEG-2 video MPEG-1 video MP3 audio
1 Tony Ellis plays, then comments "That's amazing". 9.2MB 2.4MB 0.3MB
2 Tony says that the Titan banjo he just played was "right there at the top" compared with all his own banjos 9.9MB 2.6MB 0.3MB
3 Extended comments from Tony including him saying that the Titan banjo was probably one of the best banjos he has ever had in his hands. 32.9MB 8.6MB 0.9MB


In April 2009 we recorded Stuart Williams playing "Fireball Mail" on 3 different Titan banjo models

      MPEG-2 video MPEG-1 video MP3 audio
1 Stuart playing a Titan banjo - Titanium Tubaphone tone ring with Ludwig head 29.6MB 7.8MB 0.8MB
2 This time he plays a Saturn banjo - Titanium Flat Head tone ring with fibre skin head 32.1MB 8.5MB 0.9MB
3 Finally, he plays a Saturn banjo - Titanium Flat Head tone ring with Ludwig head 30.0MB 7.9MB 0.8MB
After the recording session, Stuart gave this appraisal of the Titan banjos he had played:

                                                                             From Stuart Williams



Titan Banjos Demonstration.

I played the same tune (Fireball Mail) on each model to demonstrate the variety of tones offered from the Titan range.
The recording is limited both in terms of sound quality and of course depending on what medium you are listening on. It does, however give you a chance to see the Titans in action!
The very best way to enjoy the sound of this banjo is to play one yourself and I would recommend anyone interested in this unique instrument to do so.

The first recording was on Syd's Titan which has a fantastic tone with both high end clarity as well as a rich depth. The outstanding feature of the whole Titan range is the clear separation of each note as it's picked. The banjos are very responsive and can be as loud or as quiet as you want without sacrificing tone.

The last two recordings were both Saturn models. The titanium tone ring gives a unique sound, one which can be very powerful and responsive, again at both ends of the sound spectrum. My own Saturn (with the fibreskin head) has a softer, deeper tone. I prefer this set up as it has slightly less volume (which I prefer when I'm teaching) and more separation (less ring) which gives me a clearer sound when playing down a mic.

I've been fortunate enough to play on just about every make of banjo during my 20 years of teaching and performing and the Titan range performs alongside the very best banjos I've ever played on. The Saturn is now the only banjo I own.

The combination of the light weight and great tone make it an exceptional instrument.


Stuart Williams


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